Guiding or Instruction

If you’re wondering whether you want your day out to be “guided” or “instructed,” there are a few things to consider:

Good guiding isn’t simply “Follow me!”, but a whole host of skills, including by necessity some teaching. Good instruction isn’t just a “how to” session either.

If you’d prefer an instructional emphasis on your day out, we’ll take more time to allow you to “learn and do” along the way. As your skills progress, you might find yourself doing most of the work (but under a watchful eye)! This will all be in an appropriate environment where you feel just comfortable, without it being too exciting to concentrate (or worse, not exciting enough)! There will be an emphasis on plenty of climbing in order to create as many learning opportunities as possible. With climbing in particular the importance of a good deal of practice in order to become proficient and, more importantly, “safe,” cannot be over-emphasised.

As for guiding it’ll depend on the project as to our approach. To a certain difficulty level (everyone’s different), we can “just get on with it!” This is especially so with rock climbing, winter and more modest alpine objectives. I’m usually a good judge of where the difficulty level should be very quickly!

As the difficulty and seriousness increase, and where the descriptions, “narrow, sideways, moving together” etc. might apply we’ll all appreciate some solid groundwork to make it more enjoyable and as safe as we can. The importance of a bit of mileage together prior to bigger objectives is why many clients return to climb with their guide for numerous trips.


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