Grand Pilier d’Angle

On August 18, 2014 by Tim Neill
The Grand Pilier d'Angle

The Grand Pilier d’Angle

Over the last 3 days Nick, Keith and I have enjoyed a fantastic journey up Mt Blanc from Italy…..

Upper part of Peuterey ridge from Col Forche...GPA centre stage

Upper part of Peuterey ridge from Col Forche…GPA centre stage

We’d read about good snow ice on the GPA from a couple of weeks before and with the recent stormy weather and forecast clear spell thought it had to be worth the walk…

Settled in at the spooky Col Moore..

Settled in at the spooky Col Moore..

We travelled over to Col Moore and dug in for some kip…alarms set for 12..

Amazing place to climb ice....

Amazing place to climb ice….

We left at 1ish and literally ran to the bottom due to the threat of serac fall…the major down side of this wonderful place….found ourselves squeaking up the Bouchard route then finishing up the awesome Boivin/Vallencant route to the summit of the GPA itself…with Nick guiding us to a 5 star bivi that he’d been to 17yrs ago with Jules Cartwright…an awesome bloke…

Summit bound...

Summit bound…

We lazed the afternoon and left early doors for a dig up the snowy Peuterey ridge and a shocker on the summit of Mt Blanc…quite windy and super cold….too cold to roll out the picnic blanket anyway….and so off down the Gouter ridge and back to the real world again.

An amazing climb with great friends and not a soul for a couple of days……


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