Patagonia Trip

On December 7, 2013 by Tim Neill
The most inspiring skyline in the world....

The most inspiring skyline in the world….

Heading off in a couple of days to Patagonia. More precisely the Torre and Fitzroy range in Argentina. I’m going with James McHaffie ( ) who’s got a fairly cool track record on granite around the world. He’s got some fairly hefty objectives so I’ll be doing my very best to keep up. We’ve got just over a month so will hopefully be able to get a few helpful weather windows and some good chances in the mountains…as well as having a good time in and around El Chalten.

View of the Torres from summit of Fitzroy...pretty damn awesome!

View of the Torres from summit of Fitzroy…pretty damn awesome!


I’ve been before in 2009 with Matt Stygal ( really the first time we climbed together and the start of a lot of other great climbs). We also had a month there and despite a generally poor season for weather ( we had just under 1 week over that spell ) we summited Fitzroy, Poincenot, St Exupery, Guillamet and Mocho…some of the best days alpine climbing I’ve ever had. I’ve always wanted to go back, so jumped at this opportunity. There are a few mountains that we didn’t set foot on then that are on my mind when I think of inspiring objectives as well as other routes on the mountains that we were privileged to climb.


Awesome granite in the Torres....

Awesome granite in the Torres….


Quite a few other friends are going too, so we should have a great time. Hopefully the clockwork internet in Chalten will allow some updates….

Wish us some luck!


Matt getting the full treatment on Fitzroy...Franco/Argentine Route.

Matt getting the full treatment on Fitzroy…Franco/Argentine Route.


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