Welsh Medley

On March 28, 2013 by Tim Neill

Straight after Pointblank with Donald I headed rapidly south for some work in Wales. First off 6 days MIA training with Stu and some great students who did well considering we could’ve done a really nice MIC training at the same time. We cragged at Gogarth, cruising about at Castell Helen and a couple of days at Tremadog with a nip up Vector amongst a load of classics. Our mountaineering was great fun as the weather was setting up for a good late winter storm which transformed the mountains from just snowy to really snowy. Ice built up rapidly, and the Pass was shut until JCBs got a tunnel dug!

This made the following week of rockclimbing work a challenging mix as each day we drove through the snowy hills for a variety of seaside crags which gave sunny dry rock and just bearable temps! Went to a couple of new crags with Caff ( http://www.jamesmchaffie.com/index.html) with some trainee instructors….in between keeping them all busy we spotted a few new things to do in the near future. Hope Caff doesn’t do the easy ones!

It was nearly all work except for an evening climb with Dino. The roadside Grochan was spewing ice and the old classic Central Gully looked promising. Alas, the daytime sun had delaminated the ice so we only made it 1/2 way. Good novelty value. Got tomorrow off and hoping for some action on Lliwedd with Stu and John….

Heading out to the abseil above Wind and Mural after backing off a "House of Cards" on the other side :-(

Heading out to the abseil above Wind and Mural after backing off a “House of Cards” on the other side 🙁

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