Flanders Summer in Winter

On January 22, 2013 by Tim Neill

One day in Wales between Alps and Scotland and Nick Bullock and I hook up for a perfect day of winter action. Dragging Nick past Llech Ddu, we drop into the Black Ladders and wade up to Flanders. I’ve done the original winter version of Flanders before, so this time we wanted to make a repeat of the full summer line (FWA Si Frost and Dave Garry….both wads), in Winter. Anyway, we did a direct start and blasted up the line to perfect views of a beautiful Snowdonia on the top.

On the way back we met Ian Parnel and Jon Winter who’d just repeated Central Route on Llech Ddu ( a line Nick and I put up a few winters ago). They said it was ace, and more importantly, didn’t downgrade it…phew!

Nick doing what he does best...

Nick doing what he does best…

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